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From its earliest days, La Petite Damba has partnered with two women's groups in the Dalaba region. These two groups impact a total of 65 women daily with whom La Petite Damba buys all the production.

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Impacting more small companies

"Consommons Guineen" ("Let's consume guinean products") is an economic interest group which brings together 5 founding members (La Petite Damba, the Bora Maalé network, the solar salt counter, the Association for the Defense of Ziama Macenta coffee, and the Guinean Land) 5,000 small producers spread throughout Guinea. La Petite Damba played a key roles in bringing together all these companies together with a common objective.

The Consommons Guinéen store in Conakry, Guinea offers products made 100% from Guinean agriculture and processed locally. As well as the products of the Guinean artisan.

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